Frequently Asked Questions

Annex 2:

  1. What exactly is FirstPay? (Including background and motive of the company)

FirstPay is a fintech company that works as a payment system operator in Nepal to manage payments from national and international payment gateways. The main purpose of the company is to add value to the Nepalese economy by facilitating retail payment in Nepal by integrating all local and global payment partners.

2. How can I use FirstPay?

You can use FirstPay using your Bank app or e-wallet and simply scan the QR code to make payments to merchants.

3. Is FirstPay a Wallet?

No, FirstPay is not a wallet.

4. Who can use FirstPay?

Merchant of FirstPay’s member bank can use FirstPay app to accept payments from customers using FirstPay’s QR network.

Or you can directly download the FirstPay merchant app and apply through it. After enrolling as a merchant, you will receive an automated email containing login information.

5. How can I create an account on FirstPay?

You can contact your bank to register as FirstPay’s Merchant. Or, just download the FirstPay Merchant app and enter your details and apply through it.

6. Is there a limit on the amount of money accepted via FirstPay?

Up to date, there is no limitation on the acquirer end.

7. Is FirstPay free of cost?

There is no initial fee during enrollment of the merchant. Certain percent will be charged as a service charge according to the volume of the transaction.

8. What currencies does FirstPay supports?

Our system supports multiple currencies according to the feasibility of the merchants.

9. How can I receive payments from my customers through the FirstPay QR network?

Place the FirstPay QR code in your store where it is easily visible by the customer for scanning, send the QR stickers to customers online, or you simply can display the QR sticker from your merchant app to the customer to scan and pay. Customers can easily pay through any e-wallet app by scanning the FirstPay QR sticker.

10. I have multiple stores. Can I get a different QR code for each?

 Yes, you can generate multiple QR codes for multiple stores.

11. How can I change my registered bank account?

 You have to contact the bank to close your account and open a new account with the choice of your bank.

12. How am I notified of successful payments?

 The real-time notification of the transaction will be instantly sent via SMS to your mobile number registered with the bank.

13. How can I change the mobile number to receive an SMS alert?

 To change the mobile number, you have to contact the bank.

14. How can I recover my password in case I forget it?

 In that case, you have to click “forgot password” on the login page and enter the merchant ID, then a verification code will be sent to  your verified email. After entering the code, you can set a new password.

15. What is WeChat pay?

 WeChat Pay is a digital mobile payment wallet service based in China that allows users to make mobile payments and online  transactions. It has features like Quick Pay, QR code payment, Mini Program payment, Official Account payment, In-App payment, and  Web payment. It is really advantageous for the people who enjoy the contact-free and cash-free experiences of shopping.

16. Why is WeChat pay necessary in Nepal?

 Many tourists from China visit Nepal every year more often. It is inconvenient for them to carry cash with them wherever they go. So,  in this age of virtual and digital payment systems, WeChat Pay plays an enormous role in making the payment system easier by  replacing the traditional method of paying via cash and cards. It is also one of the most reliable, convenient and hassle-free way of  payment methodology.

17. Who can pay money from WeChat Pay?

 The Chinese nationals who have direct access to the banks of China can directly pay through WeChat Pay.

18. Can Nepalese pay through WeChat Pay?


19. Can we send money to other countries using this service?


20. Is there any case, that merchant receives the payment notification but the amount from the account of the WeChat Pay user       isn’t  deducted?

 No, there will not be such a case. Once the notification for successful payment is received, Merchant has full right to claim the  payment and WeChat Pay will be liable for this.