Our Solutions

We help organisations with financial technology solutions.

We provide solutions such comprehensive mobile and online payment solutions and gateway facilitating services. We facilitate in online transaction settlement service to merchants and their banks to be able to accept/acquire payments from third party payment sources. We provide technology and solutions for acquiring payment from 3rd party wallets, smart wallets solutions, merchant management solutions and host of other solutions.


Acquiring solutions:

When merchants want to receive payments from 3rd party payment providers via mobile payment systems and websites they need to sign a contract with acquiring banks. Then, during the payment process, the acquirer authorizes transactions and connects the banks to the payment system on the merchant’s behalf. We provide the digital eco-system for this process in turn key basis to the banks and their merchants. If/when the purchase is approved, the funds are then deposited into the merchant’s account (usually at regular intervals) are per the contract between the issuing bank and their merchant. As a one-for-all payment partner, we help you reach your customers and assure with our reliable and flexible PCI-DSS compliant transaction-processing-system a continuous 24/7 operation.

Smart Wallet solutions:

Exponentially increase customers engagement with our remarkable smart e-wallet solution. We bring the latest financial life style eco-system with the state of the art e-wallet solution to brings to customers the 21st century digital financial solutions.

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